New Short Stand for 16-MX

• New fulcrum mechanisms avoid slip-stick when adjusting the fulcrum
• Alignment beam to ensure correct installation and spacing between the rear end of the stand and the fulcrum giving greater consistency between diving stands
• Redesigned mounting locations ensure correct alignment and compensate for less-than-ideal decks
• Enhanced coating process to reduce corrosion

• Virtually maintenance free
• Increased performance and consistency between stands
• Easier fulcrum adjustments – especially for younger divers • Easier installation process

New Short Stand for 16-MX

Artikelnummer: 1111006

Through new mechanisms in the fulcrum, there is no longer any slip-stick or ‘breaking the footwheel free’ when adjusting the fulcrum. This allows divers of all ages to adjust the fulcrum to their desired position.
The Short Stand features a new alignment beam that runs between the fulcrum and rear end, ensuring the rear end and the fulcrum are correctly spaced and aligned. This gives a much more consistent feel of the board, giving divers even more confidence as they take off.
Correct installation of our stands and boards is vital to giving divers the confidence they need.

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