Transport and Storage Box

Product Information:

Dimensions: 225 x 135 x 110 cm (WxHxD)

Important: 2 Transportation and storage boxes are needed for the catwalk elements of one side

Please Note: Sold only in combination with Art. No. 1515003 Referees' Structure Catwalk

Transport and Storage Box

Article Number: 1514010

The construction of this multi-transport box fulfills all requirements for storing different parts of the catwalk

The housing is made from 10 mm birch plywood and protected with aluminium edges and large rounded metal corners. Robust butterfly closures with no less than two rubberised handles on each side of the case to maximize the carrying efforts of many hands.

Unique qualities:

• Easy-open hinged top
• Ball corners and aluminium edges
• 2 rubberised folding handles on each side
• 4 bottom rollers

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