Faster and Safer Starts

This new revolutionary product enhances starts and will advance the sport of swimming to the next level. The idea is to bring to market a product that promotes a faster, safer and more inclusive sport. With the SpeedJumpr concept the swimmer has a better, flatter and safer surface to take off from. A record breaker.

  • Faster take-off and longer dives

  • Availability - portable model for everyone to train with

  • Safer surface - less injuries

  • Para and Masters swimmers feel more stable

  • More power in the right direction with reduced take-off time

  • Complies with FINA regulations

  • Available for licensed production

  • Extensively tested with top swimmers

Starting Block SpeedJumpr
Integrated starting block model. Available for licensed production for any pool equipment manufacturer worldwide. Coming soon!

Speed​Jumpr Add-on
Made to fit most starting blocks. Easy to install on existing starting blocks. Now in stock!

SpeedJumpr Trainer
Personal training tool. Light weight model. Swimmers can bring it in their own bag to practice with. Coming Soon!

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Take-off with SpeedJumpr

Regular take-off, without SpeedJumpr