The walk of fame!

When fractions of a second crowns the winner you do not want to take any chances.

* WORLD AQUATICS (formerly FINA), the International Swimming Federation with responsibility for all water sports. The organization responsible for World Swimming Championships.
* LEN, Ligue Européenne de Natation is the European swimming association responsible for Aquatics.
* PanAm Aquatics is the who is the governing body of all of Americas.

Malmsten is the number one choice.

Malmsten Racing Lane Lines have an impressive resumé, chosen for 9 Olympic Games starting with Montreal 1976 and now preparing for the 10th in Tokyo 2020.

Racing Lane Line

Our Swedish-made racing lanes were introduced as “the wave killer" at the competition in Montreal in 1976 and they remain world leading.

Water polo

We supply with water polo fields, goals, ball release systems and catwalks at main international events.

Swedish Goggles

The eyewear that you see on elite swimmers and international competitions worldwide.

Selected when it counts

Official Supplier of Racing Lane Lines and Water Polo Equipment for FINA and for LEN. Please see our reference list here.