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Our goal is to help our customers create beautiful, profitable and efficient swimming facilities. We deal only with products and services related to public pools and water sports.

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Marcus Malmsten


Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 05

Cell: +46 (0)705 - 18 12 46

Marcus has worked within the Malmsten group since the early 90’s. Marcus’ has expertise in commercial water slides and project management. CEO since 2016.

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Christian Malmsten

COO, Product Development/Purchasing

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 02

Cell: +46 (0)705 - 24 71 60

Christian is creative and full of ideas. He enjoys designing adventure pools as well as developing new products. He is a specialist in swimming equipment and water polo and present at most big international events.

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Jens Rosander

Project Manager, CEO Mirena

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 11

Cell: +46 (0)702 - 99 09 41

Jens is a project leader for tenders in the Swedish pool construction market. Jens is also CEO for Mirena-pool lining.

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Margareta Malmsten

Senior Advisor, Marketing. Founder

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 06

Cell: +46 (0)708 - 24 92 29

Margareta is the founder of the company. Today she is responsible for marketing.

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Tommy Malmsten

Senior Advisor, International affairs. Founder

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 04

Cell: +46 (0)705 - 23 97 87

Tommy has more than fifty years of experience in swimming, first as an active swimmer, later as a national team coach and last as an entrepreneur, focusing on swimming pool products

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Tobias Salomonsson

Manager for Malmsten Entreprenad

Phone: +46 (0) 44-28 71 03

Cell: +46 (0) 790-76 10 76

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Eva-Marie Håkansson - OLY-Former Olympian

Director of International Sales

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 12

Cell: +46 (0)706 - 28 71 06

Eva-Marie has competed in five finals at two Olympic Games.
She manages our international sales and is responsible for our participation in international events and our contacts with FINA and LEN.

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William Paiement

International Sales, Customer Service

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 24

Cell: +46 (0)707 - 81 99 08

William is responsible of orders and quality assurance to our international clients.
Ensuring manufacturing time and time of dispatch coincides with our client requests.
William is apart from Swedish fluent in English and French.

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Sofie Sandell

Coordinator International Sales, Customer Service

Phone: +46 (0)44–287115

Sofie main responsibilities is Customer Service to International Distributors and support to International Sales Team. Maintain good customer relations and provide exceptional service. Responsible for thorough and accurate processing of purchase orders and coordinating most efficient logistics plan for international sales activity.

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Gustav Eriksson

International Sales

Cell: +46 (0) 736 82 69 07

Gustav is in International Sales and competent in pool equipment, with many years’ experience in sales, ready to assist our clients in larger projects. Fluent in English and basic Spanish.

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Hazel Malmsten

Sales Sweden/International

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 15

Hazel works in sales and customer service. She takes care of the Swedish market as well as of international inquiries and orders.
Hazel is apart from Swedish fluent in English and Spanish.

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Per-Olof Persson

Sweden Sales Manager

Phone: +46 (0)44–28 71 00

Cell: +46 (0)708 29 34 90

Per Olof has years of expertise within sales leadership. At Malmsten Per Olof is responsible for the Swedish market.

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Fredrik Karström

Sales Sweden

Cell: +46 (0)736-82 69 08

Fredrik is our Ambassador/Sales Representative for the Swedish market. He will be visiting swimming pools and aquatic centers to make sure we are providing the quality and service we stand for.

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Mikaela Dahlqvist

Sales Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)44-287101

Mikaela manages deliveries and sales to the country's public swimming pools and swimming clubs.

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Louisa Jirsell


Phone: +46(0) 44 - 28 71 00

Cell: +46 (0)708 24 75 06

Louisa has 30 years of marketing experience. She supports export and sales managers in marketing efforts. Speaks fluent French.

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Torild Jahnsen


Cell: +46 (0)708 - 80 30 52

Experienced engineer and service technician for our movable floors. Torild travels worldwide servicing and supporting our movable floor customers.

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Pontus Andersson

Project Manager/ Moveable Floors

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 14

Cell: +46 (0)723 - 57 49 22

Pontus is project manager for our movable floors and also our Swedish pool projects.

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Olof Falk

3D Engineer/Product Development

Cell: +46 (0)709-19 95 40

Olof is our 3D Engineer who works closely with Christian in designing and producing new products.

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Peter Lindros


Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 08

Peter has worked with finance for many years. He is responsible for our finance and analysis for the Malmsten Group.

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Jerlie Österberg


Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 13

Jerlie works in our finance department and takes care of the accounts of our affiliates Ockelbo Plastindustrier A, Hydrosport AB as well as accounts payables for Malmsten AB.

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Sandra Jönsson


Phone: +46 (0) 44 - 28 71 25

Sandra works in our finance department and takes care of the accounts of our affiliates Malmsten Entreprenad, Mirena, salary, and accounts receiveable.

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Mathias Fagerström

IT-Manager and Purchasing

Phone: +46(4) 44 - 28 71 18

Cell: +46(0) 708 - 12 05 02

Mathias is responsible for Malmsten’s IT systems and purchasing.

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Jens Svensson

Warehouse Manager

Phone: +46 (0)44 - 28 71 16

Cell: +46 (0)708 - 24 75 19

As responsible for our warehouse and logistics Jens takes care of our incoming and outgoing deliveries as well as inventory control and office supplies. He also oversees our buildings and machinery and travels to many competitions for technical support.

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Mattias Strand


Cell: +46 (0)709-22 00 48

Mattias is responsible for our warehouse and logisitics. Mattias is also responsible for our CNC production.

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Jesper Johanson


Jesper works in our warehouse and helps with shipping, production of gratings, pool toys and racing lane lines.

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Mile Mihajlovic

Responsible for Lane Line production

Cell: +46 (0)733-50 42 06

With broad experience in plastics manufacturing, Mile became a valuable asset when production of the Competitor lane lines was moved to Åhus. Mile is responsible for lane line products.

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Magnus Johansson

Lane Line Specialist

Magnus is an experienced lane line assembler having helped us with swimming lines for big events since the beginning of the nineties, among others for four Olympics.

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Per-Åke Nilsson


Phone: +46 (0)44 - 24 71 50

Cell: +46 (0)722 - 41 02 31

Per-Åke works primarily with our Mirena projects and has many years of experince of installing pool lining.