Our foam toys are designed to withstand rough usage and turn your pool into the best playground.

The material is microlene (C0 30Natural) with a density of 45kg / m3. and is approved acc. EU standard EN71 / 94. Non-toxic and recyclable.

Manufactured in Åhus, Sweden.

We recommend that Pool Toys should be used where there is a minimum water depth of 1,2 m. Pool depth is very important when children are climbing/jumping on the pool toys. We recommend that Pool Toys should be used at a minimum of 2 m from the pool edge. Adequate pool depth and distance from the pool wall are important to avoid injuries. Please Note: This is not a life saving device and adult supervision is required.

Even though our Pool Toys are both stable and strong, they are made for children and are not to be used without proper adult supervision.