Duckboard PVC

Product Information

Material: Soft and flexible PVC

Tempresistant up to 80°c

Dimensions: Available in 3 different widths: 60, 75, or 90 cm

Thickness: 12.0 mm Weight: 5,5 kg/sq.m. Thickness : 11,5 mm. Width 600 mm.

Available Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Mint, Off White, Gray. (black transverse ribs underneath)

Information: Sold per 10 m roll.

Duckboard PVC

Article Number: 2410005

Floor Matting, made of soft and flexible yet durable PVC-foam.

Slip-resistant, provides a good grip for shoes and bare feet alike. Suitable for wet/dry areas, including sauna.

Hygienic, easy to keep clean. Simple to cut length and shape. Intergrated mat drainage makes sure water can run off on all sides.

Areas of Use: Swimming Pools, therapeutic baths, changing rooms, health resort facilities, hospitals, restrooms, workplaces etc.