Baby Seat Victoria

Product Information

Material: Poyethylene
Width: 335 mm, Height: 525 mm, Deep: 125 mm. Depth of seat: 215mm. Weight: 2,7 kg.
Available Colors:
White Fleck (White/Grey) or oatmealn (Beige).
Installation kit included
Sold Per Unit
Please Note: Max weight 25 kg
Do not leave children unattended.

Baby Seat Victoria

Article Number: 2413004

Give parents a place to keep their babies with them, safely inside a changing cubicle, toilet or fitting room, and eliminates the uncertainty of leaving a baby unattended outside or on the floor.

Main features of Baby Safety Seat Victoria for wall mount:
- Concave back and seat tilt for comfort and safety.
- Occupies minimal wall space.
- Made from resistant polyethylene and is easy to keep clean.
- Equipped with strong safety belt to keep child safe and in place.

Approved according to standards: BS 5665 Part 3 Toxicity test; ASTM G-22 bacterial; ANSI A 117.1 for handicapped accessibility; GS DIN 31000.

Note: It is important to follow assembly and installation instructions when installing the baby seat.