Swedish Goggles Jewel

Product Information

Polycarbonate Lenses
Light Mirror Glass Coating
Anti-fog with UV Filter
Nose bridge tube made of silicone.
Cotton string
Latex band
Colors: Amethyst Purple, Citrine Yellow, Diamond Clear, Sapphire Blue, Spinel Pink, Tourmaline Light Green
Information: Sold 12 Units/Box

Please Note: Easily adjustable for customized fit. Eye-safety warning: Do not pull the goggles away from your face, they can spring back and hurt your eyes. Safe removal: Carefully lift the goggles up to your forehead and push them up over your head.

Swedish Goggles Jewel

Article Number: 1710027

Ensure that you get only the original!

The Original Swedish Goggles have been among the most popular swim goggles for elite swimmers since the mid 70's, when they were first introduced. Custom built swim goggles for elite and experienced swimmers. Swedish Goggles Jewel Collection is available in six colors. Comes unassembled - you make them into a perfect fit. Please see all of our Swedish Goggles available to meet your needs.

Our Swedish Goggles are FINA approved.


Swedish Assembly Instructions.pdf

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