Take-up Reel Lane Line with Cover

Product information

  • Frame: Stainless Steel (AISI316)

  • Cogwheel: Stainless Steel (AISI316)

  • Rolling mechanism: Blue Polyamide and fiberglass (UV-protection)

  • S-hook: Stainless Steel (AISI316) Ø 7,1 mm

  • Protective Cover: Red Plastic

Spare part: sold complete with red cover and by units.

Take-up Reel Lane Line with Cover

Article Number: 1011018

All Malmsten racing lane lines are sold and equipped with an original Take-Up Reel.

This is a unique part of the racing lane line; a precision tool for adjusting the racing lane lines tension.


  • Adjusting lane tension properly with ergonomic wrench

  • Erogonomic design, easy to handle with improved thumb/release lever

The Take-Up-Reel should only be used with the original Ratchet Wrench Art. No. 1011002.- other tools cause unrepairable damage of the item. The Take-Up-Reel comes with a red plastic protective cover with the Malmsten logo.

The Take-Up Reel can be sold as a spare part.

For replacement there are easy to follow instructions. Please ask us for information.

The Take-Up-Reel is mounted on one side of the lane line with Wall Anchor Art. No. 2010003 and Lane Hook Art. No. 1013002. Alternatively it can be mounted on the pool deck with a Lane Post Art. No.1013001 and a Floor Anchor Art. No. 2010001. On the other end of the lane line is a Tension Spring Art. No.1011010.


1011018 Take-up Reel -replacement part _v42_22 EN.pdf

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