Lane Line Hook

Product Information

Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4404 (acid-proof stainless steel)

Dimensions: Available in two sizes:
Height: 44 mm, Ø: 20 mm
Heigth: 44 mm, Ø: 25 mm. Is not intended for 2010002.

Information: Sold Per Unit

Lane Line Hook

Article Number: 1013002

For fixing Malmsten Racing Lane Lines onto the pool wall. Lane hook mounted on the take-up-reel (1011018) S-hook on one end of the line, and on the tension spring (1011010) on the other end. Lane hook hooked into the cast wall bracket (2010002) "keyhole".

Ø: 20 mm link hook intended for 2010002.
Ø: 25 mm link hook is not intended for 2010002.

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