Malmsten Official Racing Lane Line

A Swedish-made world-class line - A Line selected for International Events.
Malmsten is the official supplier of racing lines for the great events by both FINA and LEN. We constantly develop and run tests of our lines in order to maintain its world-leading position.
Introducing Malmsten Gold Pro - The World´s Best Racing Lane Line – now even better


Water Polo

Water Polo is a fast-growing aquatic team sport which has gained a foothold in Sweden.

Effective March 1st, 2019, there is an amendment to the existing FINA water polo rules. We offer easy to use upgrade kits for existing field lines and color coding on referee´s catwalk.

As for LEN, a final decision will be taken by LEN technical WP committee meeting in January and the LEN Cup will in that case only apply these rules from next season starting August 2019.

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Swedish Goggles

For Swimmers by Swimmers

Swedish Goggles have long been the preferred choice for the majority of the world's elite swimmers.
They are also approved by FINA for use in international championships.

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Malmsten Movable Floor

Malmsten Movable Floor makes it possible to use a swimming pool for a great variety of activities and it can be installed in both new and existing pools. Our movable floor is continuously adjustable to obtain any desired position.

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