The world's most copied ...

The reason is simple – a winning circle.

Since its introduction in 1975, Malmsten Swedish Goggles have been the obvious choice for a majority of the world's elite swimmers. The winning design is a product of the company roots.
Tommy Malmsten, the founder of Malmsten and a successful swim coach in the 70-80´s, always aims to bring the best to the market.
Swimmers racing for the gold want a low cut lens well fitted. Swedish Goggles, with its low cut lenses, come non-assembled which may offer that perfect fit.

Make sure to get the original! World Aquatics (formerly FINA) approved.

• Jewel Collection – top of the line!
Offered in 6 light colors – pink, green, blue, clear, yellow and purple - with silver mirror coating. Anti-fog treatment and UV-protection. Both for indoors and outdoors use.

• Metallic – Excellent!
Offered in 3 smoke colors with silver, gold or oily mirror coating. Anti-fog treated and UV-protection.

• Anti-fog Swedish – Great!
Offered in smoke, clear or blue. Anti-fog treated and UV-protection.

• Classic or "standard" Swedish – Popular! The Original version launched 1975 still going strong.
Offered in smoke, clear, blue, red, green or yellow. No anti-fog, but UV-protection as most goggles.

• Repair kit Swedish – requested by many!

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