Movable floor from Malmsten

After many years in the industry we know where the market is heading. That is why we have put so much time in developing a new generation of movable floors. We know that the market is ready. Together with our clients and engineers we have developed multifunctional product that can quickly adapt to different types of activities. We are ready to break fresh ground!

  • Primarily the drive consists of several screw jacks - each with its own adjustable engine. This gives greater flexibility to adapt the floor for more activities.

  • The floor can be run at a speed of 420 mm/min.

  • It´s easily cleaned which gives a substantial saving in chlorine consumption.

  • Engines and lift units can be serviced from the top without emptying the pool.

  • Service needs to be done only once a year.

  • The installations are lubricated and cooled by water and therefore there is no risk that oil or fat can be mixed with the pool water.

  • This system can be used both in concrete and stainless steel pools.

  • Floor elements are covered with PE.