Shot Clock Add-On to Scoreboard Water Polo – MRA-WS24

Product Information

Dimensions (per board): 285x320x100mm
Digit Height: 200 mm
Readability Distance: 70 - 90 m
Readability angle: 150 °
Weight: 2.75 kg

Information: Sold per pair

Please Note! Add-On to Scoreboards: 1513011,1513012,1513013

The package includes:

2 shot clocks with built-in horns
USB Charger
Wireless communication between shot clocks and control panel

Delivery time: 6-7 weeks

Shot Clock Add-On to Scoreboard Water Polo – MRA-WS24

Article Number: 1513014

Shot clock for counting down time for ball possession, with built-in horn. Accessories for scoreboards. This model does not work independently as it does not have its own control panel.

Resistant to damage from balls according to DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554: 1989 standards.


1513014_MRT900 VP Instruktioner v41_En.pdf
1513014_MRT900 VP Instruktioner v41_Sv.pdf

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