Cart for Stop Net, Lockable

Product Information

Cart material: Stainless steel 316L – painted white with a protective anti-corrosion paint

Cart height: 2,5m

Cart weight: 60 kg without net

Wire for net is 27m

Wire-winch, click system, lockable, with a maximum capacity for tension of 150 kg.

Wire for counter-weight is 5 m with eyelets both ends

Cart is equipped with 4 wheels; 2 lockable

Net is 27 m long and 2,5 m high.

Net weight is 5 kg.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS must be followed and planned before purchase.

Cart for Stop Net, Lockable

Article Number: 1514016

This cart, with stop net, can be installed in many different places around the swimming pool area. It is movable, but please ensure crucial safety instructions. A stop net is appreciated to hinder, for example water polo balls, from going onto pool deck, onto public or into a different section of the swimming pool.

This sturdy cart is easily movable as it is equipped with four wheels.

The net is 27m long and 2,5 m high and installed, lose-hanging, onto a 27 m long wire. There is a wire winch, click type, which is lockable for suitable positioning of net. Maximum tensioning of wire winch is 150 kg.

It is made from stainless steel and painted for added corrosion protection.

Before purchasing this cart - It is important to plan for proper and safe use and storage.

Other lengths of net is possible.

Important: When using the cart it is crucial from a security point of view to consider the following:

1.The cart is delivered with a net 27 x 2,5 m in dimension. This net, opposite end of cart, has to be affixed onto something.

Alternative fixing of net:

· Wall hook in position 2,5 m up

· Post with eyelet in position 2,5 m up and with a support “legs”. Post should be placed in permanent floor anchor.

· Cart (without net) in opposite position.

2. Locking wheels of cart when in position

3. Affixing of the counter-weight wire (safety wire) in back of cart. Cart is sold with a safety wire of 5 m.

Alternative fixing of counter-weight wire:

· Onto multi-purpose anchor, 2010003, positioned 2,5 m (for optimal stability) in the back of the cart.

· Onto wall anchor in the back of the cart.

Important: When storing the cart ensure that it is supported so that it may not fall over and hurt someone or something. Secure storage by affixing counter-weight wire onto a wall fixation.

Recommended associated products:

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2010003 – Multi-purpose anchor


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