Water Polo Matting

Product Information

Material: Rubber
Slip Resistant
Length: 30 m
Width: 0,8 m
Thickness: 2,9 mm
Weight: 78 kg
Unit: 30 m (for one side of the pool). Normally two units required for a game
Delivered in 3 sections:
Center: 18 m green matting with white center mark (47 kg)
Two side sections: 6 m (15,5 kg) each consisting of 4 m yellow and 2 m red matting.
The yellow part with a red penalty /foul throw mark
Please Note:

Other widths are available upon request.

Water Polo Matting

Article Number: 1514001

A color-coded matting in accordance with water polo field of play for men or women. Easy conversion from men to women marking by pulling the 2 outer pieces inwards (to indicated position 25 m).

FINA rule requires the water polo referees´ catwalk to be 700 mm above the water surface, this matting is not in accordance unless placed on an elevated structure. However, an excellent substitute when there is no room on pool deck to place an elevated referees´ catwalk.

•Suitable for use at public water polo sessions
•Light weight and easy roll-out installation
•Color-coded in according to FINAs new water polo rules for men and/or women
•For indoor and outdoor use
•UV resistant Easy to store

Note: Matting may be slippery especially when wet.

The matting comes in 3 sections;
Main piece: 18 m green with white center marking.
2 x 6 m outer pieces consisting of 4 m yellow with red foul line and 2 m red.