Ball Holder PRO

Product Information

Material: PMMA plastic (plexi)

Width: 350 mm
Height: 745 mm
Depth: 730 mm

Sold per unit

Ball Holder PRO

Article Number: 1514009

Ball Holder PRO is placed next to the sitting referees on the catwalk. The ball holder makes it easy for the referees to access a new ball to keep the game going, when a ball is thrown out of the playing area. The use of a ball holder allows the referees to focus on officiating the match instead of chasing after balls. A ball holder at the right height and with space for multiple competition balls is a professional accessory during water polo competitions. Malmstens' ball holder is approved for use and is common in major competitions such as the World Championships, European Championships, PanAm Games, and the Olympics.

As part of Malmstens' environmental responsibility, our ball holder is shipped in a flat package with easy assembly without the need for screws or glue. With our new Stick n' Click system, all parts click smoothly into place.

The ball holder is made of high-quality PMMA plastic (plexi) and is built to withstand intense water polo matches in the swimming pool.


  • Competition accessory for water polo matches
    Perfect height with space for multiple balls
    Suitable for both women's and men's balls
    Developed with Malmstens' environmental responsibility
    Stick n' Click system for easy assembly
    Durable construction


1514009 Assembly Instructions

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