Floor Anchor leveled with cover

Product Information

• Made from 316L with electro polished surfaces
• Commercial standard with 2mm thick tubing
• Lockable with Allen key

Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4404

Dimensions: 100x95x95 mm. Standard Ø 40 mm.

Floor Anchor leveled with cover

Article Number: 2010010

Lockable and fixed firmly, embedded, anchor on pool deck, used for lane posts (item 1013001), posts for backstroke (2018001) or turnboard (2018004) and for different pool ladders (item 2012001).

Floor anchor can be equipped with permanent cover so as to meet safety standards when not in use. Levelled or inclination of 4° or 8°.

Requires recess drilled embed of 150x150x150mm or drilled hole Ø 150mm depth 150mm. Anchors are embedded and fixed with epoxy. Placement of anchor should have at least 75mm construction concrete on all sides and at least 50mm from reinforcementbar in concrete. Earth-bonding (see 6mm pre-drilled hole* on bottom surface) recommended



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