Lane Line Slider Malmsten

Product Information

Material: ABS/PMMA Plastic
Surface layer of impact-resistant acrylic
Scratch resistant
UV protection
Dimensions: 620 x 380 x 440 mm
Weight: 1,7 kg
Color: White
Sold Per Unit

Lane Line Slider Malmsten

Article Number: 1011021

Excellent tool for every pool installation to maintain your racing lane lines correctly.

To ease pulling racing lane lines in- and out of the pool use a lane line slider.

Suitable for all Malmsten racing lane lines – Ø 4" and 6" (100 and 150 mm).

Protect the pool edge and the racing lane lines from daily wear and tear.

Light weight and easy to use for the pool manager.

Made from long lasting and durable material. Only one lane line slider needed per pool.

  • Light weight - easy to use

  • Impact resistant - long life

  • Scratch resistant - durable

  • Protects pool edge and racing lane line.



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