Disc Classic PRO™

Product Information

Latest industry LD polyethylene.
Best color fastness 8/8 with additional
anti-oxidants 5% irganox 1330
UV-protection 8000ppm
Each disc has the Malmsten Logo printed.
Size: Ø 100 mm in diameter
Standard colors: Red, yellow, blue, green, black and White
Spare part: Sold per unit

Disc Classic PRO™

Article Number: 1011031

Discs Ø 100 mm for Malmsten Racing Lane Line Classic PRO™ which is assembled with certain pattern of discs, with a unique flow through technology, and floats in order to reduce water turbulence. Each disc rotates individually. Discs align along lane line.

  • Water turbulence control

  • Superior wave reduction with latest PRO-discs and PRO-floats

  • Flow-through design

  • Softer material to avoid discomforting cracks in material

Environment and sustainability

  • Extended durability

  • May be recycled at end of product life

  • Harmless material with no traces of heavy metals

  • Assembly process with zero carbon footprint