Product Information

Material: Manufactured in polythene HD with UV-protection
Dimesions: Length: 73 mm, Ø: 67 mm and Hole: Ø 10 mm
Weight per float: 27 grams Usually, 6 H-floats per meter, but varies.
Information: Available Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Blue and Green

Box size: 250 Units (one color)

Please Note: Also available in pre-arranged meter kits ready to be assembled Item no 1013010


Article Number: 1013006

H-floats, classic floats for racing lane lines. Build your own lane by combining colors and distances between the floats, or no distances at all. We recommend about 4 H-floats per meter using 250mm tubes in-between each.

Using a separating tube reduces the risk of floats rubbing against each other or pinching someone. Allow approximately 4 H-floats and 4 tubes per meter.

Allow approximately 0,15m additional length for polythene rope for folding into plastic lock. Also available in pre-arranged meter kits ready to be assembled.

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