Flipper Armbands Inflatable

Product Information

Material: PVC, foam core
Approved according to EN 13138-1:2014, Class B
CE Marked
Dimesions: Ø 180mm, Width 90 mm, Ø Hole 70 mm, Weight 170 g
Size: (11-30 kg)
Available Colors: Green or Pink
Please Note: This is not a life saving device and adult supervision is required.
Sold per pair

Flipper Armbands Inflatable

Article Number: 1314017

Flipper Armbands Inflatable are designed with an inner floating core. They help the child to maintain buoyancy, against all odds air would leak out! Flipper Armbands are designed with the hole in the middle, allowing the child's head to determine the position - leaning forward, upright or reclined. This makes it easy for the child to switch between these positions. Play outside of the water including water slides and jumping into the pool is not recommended as this can cause damage to the seams on the armbands.

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