Dumbbell Water Aerobic

Product Information

Material: EVA Foam

Red: Small/Small Height: 225 mm, Ø: 80 mm
Red: Small/Large Height: 225 mm, Ø: 145 mm

Yellow: Medium/Small Height: 265 mm, Ø: 80 mm
Yellow: Medium/Large Height: 265 mm, Ø: 145 mm

Green: Large/Small Height: 325 mm, Ø: 80 mm
GreenLarge/Large Height: 325 mm, Ø: 145 mm

Dumbbell Water Aerobic

Article Number: 1312007

A perfect, easy-grip dumbell to use during strength and cardiovascular training in the water and/or out of the water.
• Work your upper body as well as your lower back and ABS for a total fitness workout
• Strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, arms, chest, back and core
• Often used in conjuction with Aqua-jogging Belt
• Crafted from professional grade foam for maximum durability, and resistance
• Maximum user comfort and grip
• Choose from one of our 6 sizes/resistance levels to match your individual needs Great for shallow or deep water.