Aqua Bike

Product Information

Material:The frame is covered with PVC. The front and the back ends are made from EVA-foam (high density 45kg/m³ ).
Length: 985 mm, Width: 440 mm, Height: 140 mm
Instuctions included

Aqua Bike

Article Number: 1312008

This water bike was designed for spinning and strength in-water training. It allows working out all muscles-groups. Training with the Aqua Bike gives a general basic workout, improves your condition and balance, your flexibility and coordination. The frame of the Original Aqua Bike is covered with a PVC material which prevents rubbing wounds.

The Aqua Bike was designed by Thomas Thorén, who together with health educator Cecilia Bokefelt developed an instruction booklet with important movements. Ensure that you get the Original Aqua Bike.