Hand Paddle Swim Power

Product Information

Available in 6 sizes
Size 0- Orange 170 x 130 mm
Size 1- Green 190 x 160 mm
Size 2- Yellow 210 x 180 mm
Size 3- Red 230 x 190 mm
Size 4- Blue 240 x 200 mm
Size 5- Purple 260 x 210 mm
Sold 20 pairs/box


Hand Paddle Swim Power

Article Number: 1315003

Available in six different sizes for exact training. During early season - large model, during competition season - medium to small model.

The paddle marked R should face your right hand and L your left hand. Hand paddles are to be used in all 4 strokes.

Use alternate sizes of Swim Power Paddles during different training phases: smaller size during tapering and larger during hard training phases.

Easy to adjust. Assemble the paddles with the short rubber tube to fix the middle finger and the long for the wrist.