Malmsten Racing Lane Lines

Malmsten Racing Lane Lines have an impressive resumé, chosen for 9 Olympic Games starting with Montreal 1976 and now preparing for the 10th in Tokyo 2020


Our 100 mm racing lane line was the standard for international events until the Olympic Games in Barcelona.


When our Gold 150 mm lane line was presented to FINA and approved as the new official standard. At Malmsten we strive to be at the forefront when it comes to utilizing technology and development. Five years ago we began working with KTH (Royal Technical Institution) and professor Kuttenkeuler to study the effects of wave energy reduction and absorption. The studies were designed to test the wave reduction effect on our lane lines compared to others on the market. Professor Kuttenkeuler’s studies have shown that the Official Racing Lane Line Gold by Malmsten reduces water turbulence and wave energy by up to 90 percent. It also concluded that these lane lines are superior to any other lane lines on the market.


With these results proving our lane lines are the best on the market, we have continued to develop our product. Now we proudly present Malmsten Gold Pro, our latest innovation. Our focus is to improve excellent wave reduction and wave energy control and give swimmers optimal conditions to break new worlds records.