Global growth with environmental focus

As a part of our environmental strategy, most of our production is located in Sweden. Racing lane lines, water slides, gratings, movable floors, stainless steel equipment, pool toys, and much more are made locally to minimize transportation and to optimize control and flexibility of the manufacturing process.

Through the recycling and reuse of materials natural resources are better preserved. Solar panels on our buildings help us reach our environmental goals.

In all activities we strive to reduce and prevent pollution, as well as conduct internal efforts that leads to continuous improvements.

In 2018, we have installed solar panels on the roof of both the office and one of the warehouse buildings to become partly self-sufficient in energy. 2019 solar panels are installed on the other buildings.

We work in a systematic way with improvements in our operations in terms of quality and environment and are certified according to both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Malmsten Environmental Policy