Malmsten installs movable floors in Västerås new aquatic centre Lögarängsbadet.


The city of Västerås has decided to build a new aquatic centre, ready beginning of 2019 and Malmsten will install movable floors and bridges creating a unique multi-purpose aquatic centre. It will be beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren with a fantastic water view.
The main 25m-pool will be a multi-purpose pool with two separate movable floors separated by a bridge. In the rehab-pool there is our movable floor together with the stairs and lifting platform installed in a connecting niche of the pool. The 50-m pool will be equipped with a divisible bridge and a lifting platform (in a connecting niche), all with the purpose of creating an aquatic centre suited for many aquatic activities.

Click here to watch a short film describing the project Lögarängsbadet.