A summary of a fantastic 2016!


Last year was exiting with many changes for Malmsten!
Here are some highlights:

We were represented in several major competitions with Malmsten lane lines and water polo equipment – the Olympics in Rio, the World Championships in Windsor and the European Championships in London.

We moved manufacturing of our pool toys from Valdemarsvik to headquarters in Åhus. This way we could make production, packing and delivery more environmentally friendly and at the same time update and modernize the assortment of toys.

Using technical solutions from Swedish high-tech company ÅF we have developed a new movable floor

Within administration, we have had a shift of generations – after 40 years as CEO Margareta Malmsten has handed over the responsibility to Marcus Malmsten. Marcus has an MBA as well as vast experience within the pool equipment industry such as manufacturing, design and product management.

Also within the rest of the company we have added new strength through new employees;

Mathias Fagerström - Head of IT and Purchasing Coordinator
Jessica Tanner - Logistics and sales
Jesper Joansson - Warehouse and manufacturing floating toys
Saranda Krasniqi - Construction
Olof Falk - Construction
Josefin Eden – Marketing

2017 – a new year with new opportunities!

We have started the New Year off by hiring a new project manager, Pontus Andersson.

We have already sent off the swimming equipment for the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest this summer. We will also supply the water polo equipment for the Final 6, that too taking place in Budapest.

HaBaWaBa, the large water polo tournament for children around the world, is growing fast! In its mother country Italy the tournament celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and it is spreading to more countries as we speak.

We look forward to many new building projects, and also to renewing of current facilities. Putting new lane lines and starting blocks in is a cost efficient way to get a modernized facility. And perhaps add a new Kanab waterslide from our company Hydrosport.

Most equipment is made here in Sweden, close to headquarters in Åhus. This gives us a unique opportunity to customize solutions and to secure quality in our products,

We will guide you in your plans for building a new pool or renovating a current.
We have the passion for aquatics and the skills to make a difference!