Youth Field Water Polo Inflatable

Product Information

Material: Made from reinforced PVC

Field Dimensions:
20 x 15 m adjustable to 20 x 11 m

Sport bag, Hand pump, Repair patches including Back-up valve, Bungee cords with snap hooks. White covers for marking center of field and protecting goal line when size of field is adjusted.

Sold per set. (Goals sold separately)

Youth Field Water Polo Inflatable

Article Number: 1515005

Portable/Inflatable This set includes a field of play 20x15 m (adjustable to 20 x 11 m)

Suitable for younger players under 12.

In accordance with USA Water Polo Rules for U10.

• Meets USA Water Polo Rules for U10
• Great for Pool and Ocean Play
• Portable and easy to move and store
• Easy Quick Inflate / Deflate Valve
• Easy to maintain and use
• Auto Lock Valve system


1515005_Youth Field Water Polo Inflatable v019.22US.pdf

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