Beach Water Polo Field - Inflatable Equipment


Material: Made from reinforced PVC.

Dimensions: Field of Play: 15 x 10 m
Sport bag, Hand pump, Repair patches including Back-up valve,
Bungee cords with snap hooks.

Please Note: Recommended to be used art. no. 1511006 Inflatable Malmsten Water Polo Goal 2.5 m.
Goals sold separately

Beach Water Polo Field - Inflatable Equipment

Article Number: 1515007

Malmsten Inflatable product range - Field of Play, no goals included.

This Inflatable Beach Water Polo Field of Play was first introduced during the FINA World Championships in Gwangju 2019, when FINA had a demonstration tournament. Please see a short Gwangju film below.

The Field of Play is 15x10 m; this size is in accordance with World Aquatics competition regulations for beach water polo. 2023 World Aquatics decided that the width of a beach water polo field may range in between 10 and 12,5 m.

Good to know:

  • Easy to inflate and deflate

  • Great strong quality

  • Light weight for transport and use

  • Pump and storage bag included with purchase

Perfectly used with Malmsten Inflatable Water Polo Goal, 2.5 m, art. no. 1511006. Goals sold separately.


In stock item


Shipping measurements - 2 cartons:

  • 2 ft x 1 ft 4" x 1 ft and 29 lbs (600 x 410 x 320 mm and 14,5 kg)

  • 2 ft x 1 ft 4" x 1 ft and 29 lbs (600 x 410 x 320 mm and 14,5 kg)


The film from Gwangju 2019

The film below shows a special solution from Gwangju 2019. Please note that the field markings differ from video Gwangju as this field (inflatable) is clothed (color-coded) differently. The actual field of play color-coded according to picture above.

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