Good to Know

Select equipment for your pool dimensions and for your activities.

Field of Play can be custom designed to fit your pool dimensions and your activities. Send us a small pool drawing and let us know what you are looking for... We understand that space, ease-of-use and budget are always constraints we have to deal with.

A Malmsten Official Field of Play would consist of:

  • A pair of Official FINA Water Polo Goals 3m

  • Two Field Lines with men FoP configuration (FoP area of 30m) *

  • Two Field Lines with women FoP configuration (FoP area of 25m)*

  • Four Goal Line Tethers all white**

  • Four Goal Line Tethers all white with red-re-entry 2 m marking**

  • Two 1080 mm re-entry lines blocking the re-entry box***

Where ;

  • * length will depend on distance anchor-to-anchor long side of the pool

  • ** length will depend on width of pool anchor-to-anchor and also on the type of goal that is being used

  • *** length will depend on the distance between the goal anchoring points on pool deck.

Adjusting the Malmsten Water Polo goal in position; start by tensioning the inner goal lines for each goal.

Further reference:

World Aquatics Water Polo facility Rules

United States Water Polo: or Download the Complete USAWP Playing Rules