Good to know:

1. Length:

Long Course = 50 meters (US and International)
Short Course = 25 yards (US) or 25 meters (International)
When ordering: measure the distance anchor to anchor; but remember that functionality is at its best when the complete racing lane line is in the pool waters. We recommend permanent extension hooks on the lane line when anchors are on pool deck or in gutter.

2. Regulations:

Ø 6 inches (150 mm) = WORLD AQUATICS (Formerly FINA) regulation for Olympic Games, World Championships and more.
Ø 2-6 inches (50 - 150 mm)= USA Swimming

3. Quantity:

When swimming on 8 lanes install 9 Racing Lane Lines, and for 10 lanes use 11.

4. Colors:

USA Swimming:

  • Alternate between two colors, representing the home team or the colors of the organization hosting the event.

  • The colors alternate at regular intervals so swimmers have a good idea of how far they have gone.

  • Solid distinct color extending from the walls (often red) the distance of 5 meters. For short course yards the distance is 15 feet.

  • At the 15 or 25m mark, the lane lines will change to one solid color to signal to the swimmers or competition officials.

WORLD AQUATICS (formerly FINA) regulation:

Color schemes for 8 lane competition:
• Two (2) GREEN racing lane lines for lanes 1 and 8
• Four (4) BLUE racing lane lines for lanes 2, 3, 6 and 7
• Three (3) YELLOW racing lane lines for lanes 4 and 5

Color schemes for 10 lane competition: using additionally lanes 0 and 9, adding 2 more blue racing lane lines. The green lane lines are always the outer lines. All lane line markings shall be in red color, including the 5m solid sections, according to the FINA regulations.

5. Safety:

Only authorized personnel should use the Ratchet Wrench; loosening or tightening the racing lane line.

Change broken discs or floats, or other parts, to avoid discomfort. Use a spring cover over tension spring or connectors.

6. Extended product life:

Follow the installation and maintenance instructions.