Storage Trolley Gold

Product Information

Made in stainless steel 316L, where the center beam is powder coated blue for added corrosion protection.
Equipped with 4 swivel castors
2 are lockable
Two hand wheels of Ø 4ft 1” (1250mm), thus
Height: 4ft 1” (1250mm)
Width: 4ft 7 1/2” (1410mm)

Gold Trolley with a capacity for:
Classic PRO lines
10 x 4” lanes lines @25y (250 yards)
9 x 4” lane lines @25m (225 meters)

Gold PRO lines
5 x 6” lane lines @25y (125 yards)
4 x 6” lane lines @25m (112 meters) // some room to spare

Length: 8ft 1/2” (2450mm)
Weight: 121lb 4oz (55kg)

Storage Trolley Gold

Article Number: 1012001032

The storage solutions of your racing lane lines will make a difference in how long your lane lines will last.
When lane lines are brought out of the pool water; keep them on a trolley or in a lane rope trap.
Rinse them with fresh water, keep them out of direct sun light and in a well ventilated area.
Do not drag them on the pool deck.

The Malmsten Storage Trolley is an easy to use hand wheels design allowing an excellent grip.
This is a durable and commercial sized trolley. Made for the tough public pool environment and available in two convenient sizes.
Each trolley is equipped with four swivel castors for ease of handling. Two castors are lockable in position when trolley is being loaded, unloaded or in storage.
Shipped unassembled, with easy to follow assembly instructions.
A protective cover is available and sold separately.

Sold Per Unit

Shipping Information:
· Shipping size 3 boxes:
Box 1: 3ft 11” x 3ft 10” x 2” (1200x1150x50mm) 31lb (14kg) (trolley)
Box 2: 4ft 3” x 4ft 1” x 7” (1300x1250x180mm) 42lb (19kg) (wheels)
Box 3: 8ft 2 1/2” x 6” x 6” (2500x150x150mm) 48lb 4oz (22kg) (center rod large)



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