Malmsten Classic PRO™ Racing Lane Line is designed with the same wave breaking technology as the Gold PRO®.

Classic PRO™ is smaller and lighter with 4-inch discs and PRO floats. Meeting international and North American regulations; USA, NCAA and NFHS standards.

Loved by aquatic managers, coaches and swimmers for its lesser weight but still very functional design. Classic PRO™ is perfect for swimming competitions and training, water polo field markings, open water finishing lines, and divisional lines. Multiple Classic PRO™ lane lines anchored together two or three between swimmers lanes for increased turbulence control.

Manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, in accordance with Malmsten original specifications. Shipped fully assembled with a Take-Up Reel and a Tension Spring. An original Ratchet Wrench is included with the purchase. For safety and duration of product, the original Ratchet Wrench should be used.

The Classic PRO™ is a functional - with a wave energy dampening of over 76% - durable and sustainable Racing Lane Line.

Weight matters for its water positioning and functionality and as a reference point the Malmsten Classic PRO™ Racing Lane Line 50 meters is 159 pounds (72 kg).

Maintenance and installation instructions available up on demand.