Ratchet Wrench for Take-up Reel

Product Information

Material: Chrome plated steel.

Length: 10 inches (260 mm)

Weight: 1/2 pound (0.256 kg)

Spare parts - sold by piece.

Ratchet Wrench for Take-up Reel

Article Number: 1011002

Ratchet with 6-sided tightening mechanism to tighten and loosen, the Take-Up Reel, on the Malmsten racing lane lines.

A ratchet wrench is included with the purchase of your Malmsten racing lane lines. Ensure, to only use the original ratchet wrench, other tools cause unrepairable damage the take-up reel - its six sided tightening mechanism and the frame of the take-up reel can be deformed, furthermore tension spring underneath the cogwheel can break.

These damages are not covered by the warranty on the take-up reel.

As an important safety measurement, ensure that only authorized personnel handles the loosing or tightening of the racing lane line.

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