Racing Lines

Malmsten has been designing, developing and manufacturing Racing Lane Lines since 1974 and supplied most international competitions worldwide.

Until 2021, all production was located to Sweden. From 2021, we are meeting growing market demands, with two manufacturing points; Phoenix, Arizona, and Åhus, Sweden.

With local North American production and manufacturing in accordance with proven Malmsten specifications, we will meet aquatic needs for color choices, lengths and quick deliveries.

Functionality is important:

• Advanced flow-through technique
• Water turbulence control
• Latest Pro-discs and Pro-floats
• Each disc rotating individually
• Heavier thus better water positioning

Durability is important:

  • Excellent durability

  • UV-protection

  • Colorfastness

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Enduring and safe plastic compound

Sustainability is important:

The worlds best wave breaker at your doorstep!

Your pool may not be used for the Olympics Games, but why not have the same Racing Lane Lines as in the Tokyo Olympic Pools!