Water Polo Goal Multi PRO 3 m

Product Information

Material: Aluminum. Net included.
Measurement: 3000 x 900 mm
Measurement width anchor point to anchor point: 3300 mm
Depth including frame: 1240 mm
Depth with wheels: 1295 mm
Depth with extenders: 1410 mm
Depth with extenders and transport castors: 1495 mm
Measurement of frame: 80 x 40 mm
Goal Weight: 60 lbs
Color: Front frame and stabilizing bar in white aluminum, black foam pontoons, white net.
Shipped unassembled
Sold by unit
Assembly required

Water Polo Goal Multi PRO 3 m

Article Number: 1511025

With its unique design, this Multi PRO goal, is loved by water polo players worldwide. This is surely the lightest professional water polo goal on the market weighing only 60 lbs! It uses the same reliable frame construction as our official World Aquatics water polo goal. The floating side pontoons are made with a strong foam to ensure a light weight solution and thus easy to bring in and out of the pool. The depth is less, than our Official World Aquatics goal, to fit more pool dimensions, however add-on sections can be purchased separately to increase depth.

Transport wheels, for ease of daily handling, are also available as an add-on purchase.
When you purchase this goal, it arrives unassembled in a small lightweight box, in this way we minimize transport costs for you.

Main features:

  • Goal frame in accordance with World Aquatics Competition Regulations

  • Lightest professional goal on the market

  • Less depth to fit more pool dimensions

  • Possible extenders to increase depth when needed (purchased separately)*

  • When extenders are used the distance between goal lines can be 800 or 1080 mm.

  • When extenders are not used the distance between goal lines is 800 mm.

  • Easily folded for storage.

  • Transport wheels available as an add-on (purchased separately)*

Please Note: For stable installation use 2 goal lines on each short side of goal.
Anchor points 800 mm apart and with *extenders 1080 mm apart (in accordance with World Aquatics Competition Regulations).
Foldable for storage, blue elastic band included.


Shipping measurements:

Long box - box on pallet: LxWxH: 5.8 x 1.6 x 0.65 ft (1780 x 500 x 200 mm)
Volume: 35 ft3 (0.18 m3)
Weight: 65 lbs ( 29,30 kg)


1511025 Water Polo Goal Multi Pro Assembly v51_23.pdf
1511025 Water Polo Goal Multi PRO Product Sheet v51_US.pdf

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