Marking Cones for Lane Lines 4"/100 mm

Product Information

Material: EVA Foam
Dimensions: Height: 12 inches (31 cm), Width: 6 inches (16 cm), Depth: 23/4 inches (7 cm)
Information: Fits Classic PRO 4 inches (100 mm) lane line dimension.
Colors: red, white and yellow
Sold per pair (2 units of the same color)

Marking Cones for Lane Lines 4"/100 mm

Article Number: 1514041

Color coded Cones easily affixed onto the Classic PRO lane lines 4 inches (100 mm) in diameter.

Made in a soft EVA-foam.

For water polo: Used for indicating field of play, on the field lines, for water polo.14 cones are to be used according to the World Aquatics instructions. 2 white, 8 red and 4 yellow cones.

It is also possible to add more cones for example: 4 extra white cones (one for each corner) and/or add 4 extra red cones (2 on each side of the goal markings.)

For open water: Used to indicate the distance left to swim on the finishing lines for open water. 8 cones are proposed. On the all red finishing line 4 yellow, and on the all yellow finishing line 4 red cones, placed at 10, 20, 30 and 40 m from finishing line.

For swim classes: Used in educational purposes for swim classes on the existing Classic PRO racing lane lines.


1514041_42_Cones for Lines V41_23_US.pdf

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