Goal Line Classic PRO

Product Information

Official FINA Goal Lines, in accordance with FINA and USA Water Polo rules.
Description: Using discs Ø 4 inces (100 mm) Classic PRO™ technology, with clear color coding and water turbulence control. Lines are delivered complete with Take-up Reel and Tension Spring.
Lengths: Made to measure according with your pool width:

  • Normal width of field of play is 20 m; we need to know your actual pool width when ordering.

  • Width of Official FINA Goal by Malmsten is 3.6 m anchor to anchor

  • Other Field of Play - custom design

Goal Line Classic PRO

Article Number: 15100012

Official FINA water polo goal lines - designed by Malmsten, Sweden - made to measure at our plant in Phoenix.

Goal lines Most of the time centered pool and designed with Classic PRO technology 4 inches discs (100mm); with clear color coding and equipped with take-up reel and tension spring. The width of the field of play shall be 20m and the goal lines hold the free floating goals in position, with two goal lines each short side of goal frame. Eigth goal lines used per field of play;

• two white lines with a 2 m red re-entry area
• two white lines with a red goal area marking and a 2 m red re-entry area
• two white lines
• two white lines with a red goal area marking

Made to measure. Manufacturing delay 5-6 business days from firm order.

Indicate when ordering:

  • Pool width anchor to anchor (if anchoring on pool deck, we recommend that you order with extension hooks).

  • Placement of field of play in pool.

  • If Malmsten Official FINA goal is not being used; indicate distance anchor to anchor on goal frame of goal being used.


For warranty and safety, the original Ratchet Wrench must be used. Included with the purchase.
Please Note:

Field of Play requires the following additional products (sold separately)

  • Goals

  • Field Lines (Art. No. 15100011)

  • Re-entry Lines (Art. No. 15100013)

  • Cones on lines (Art. No. 1514041)

  • Spring covers for tension spring (Art. No. 1011023001). We recommend for competitions and to ensure a stable field of play


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