Advertising Structure Large

Product Information

Material: Strong plastic-treated Trevia-material
Dimensions(one unit): 32.5x5.4x3.3 ft (9900x1650x1000mm) (LxBxH)
Sold per unit: one float of 32.5 ft (9,9m) (pump sold separately)
Sold per set: 4 units of 32.5 ft (9,9m) including pump
Please Note: Equipped with pre-fixed Velcro stripes for placement of advertising banners (Banners not included).

Advertising Structure Large

Article Number: 1515001

Perfect suit for many aquatic events as water polo, open water, diving or synchronized swimming competition. This advertising structure is Inflatable and free floating. Easy to install comes with electrical hand pump.

Used behind the goals to increase advertising possibility right in TV and audience view.

Each unit comes individually packed.

Main features:
• Strong plastic-treated trevira material
• With Velcro front for banner placement
• Easy inflated and deflated

Approx. 32.5 x 5.4 x 3.3 feet (9900 mm long, 1650 mm base and 1000 mm high,) equipped with Velcro front (possibility for 2 banners) and back (possibility for 1 banner) for advertising to be attached.

Recommended purchase includes four inflatable structures, ropes, storage bags and electrical pump.


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1515001_02_Advertising Structure Repair Warranty.pdf

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