Ball release


Materials: EVA foam, high density plastic and stainless steel

Measurement: 35 x 35 x 35 cm

25 m retainer cord equipped with snap hooks for ease of installation

Ball release

Article Number: 1514007

The ball release is used for the start of play of water polo matches. Retained on the half distance line, the ball is put into play when the ball release is submerged by pulling the rope from the side of the pool, allowing for fair and accurate starts every time.

Manufactured from EVA foam, high density plastic and stainless steel, it is designed to hold both men and women water polo balls. In order to use this release system, two eyebolts need to be installed at the bottom of the pool.

The ball release needs to have 2 underwater anchors (art no 2010003) + 1 deck anchor

Unique qualities:

  • Official World Aquatics (former FINA)

  • Fits men, women and junior size Water

  • Polo balls

  • Easy to install • Easy to use



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