GoldPRO® Custom Colors

Wave Energy Dampening: Over 90%
Discs: Ø 6” (150 mm).
Discs and floats: Long lasting polyethylene. Industry best.
Wire: 5/32" (4 mm) -Stainless steel, flexible and strong
Lengths: 25 yards, 25 or 50m and custom lengths
Colors: Customized design and lengths using selected colors.

GoldPRO® Custom Colors

Article Number: 101001265

Gold PRO® Customized according to your own design, choice of colors (options below) and lengths.

If Racing Lane Line is to be used for swimming practices or competitions, we recommend that you use a distinct color for the solid ends and markings.

25 yards, with 5 yards solid ends, and 15m under-water marks.
25m, with 5m solid ends, and 15m under-water marks.

50m, with 5m solid ends, and 15m under-water and 25m marks in distinct color.


Typical Manufacturing Delay: 10-12 business days



  • Yellow Official FINA

  • Green Official FINA

  • Red Official FINA

  • Blue Official FINA

  • White Malmsten

  • Black Malmsten

  • Navy Blue Malmsten

  • Maroon Malmsten


  • Two colors for alternating sections

  • Color for solid ends 5 yards or 5 meters

  • Color for 15 meter underwater swim marks

  • Color for 25 meter mark (if needed)


Shipping Information: