Environment in focus 2023


Recycling, reuse and refurbish is a high-end priority for Malmsten.

· At the AOAP, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 13-16th of February we will be heading talks on ways to dispose of a Malmsten Racing Lane Line at the end of its product cycle (which is longer than most); best way to dispose of the discs and donuts, and wire etc.

· Malmsten Gold PRO ® Racing Lane Lines used in Melbourne World Swimming Championships in December were acquired by the Belgravia Leisure Center, situated not far from the Melbourne Aquatic Center. Reusing the high-end competition lane lines – with which 14 World Records were broken in December – will keep the World Championships legacy in Melbourne.

· This summers big aquatics festival- the World Aquatics Championships – Fukuoka 2023 will feature upgraded and refurbished Malmsten Sport Equipment from the Tokyo Olympics 2022. The equipment is being dispatched for Fukuoka mid-February.