Water Polo - A developing sport!

Water Polo has a long exciting history inspired by rugby, swimming and wrestling…Today, it is a team sport with six players per team and a goalkeeper. A game consists of 4 quarters, each quarter being 8 minutes in length. Depending on the level, there are one or two judges. It is a fast game, with lots of action.

Shot clocks in each corner indicate the number of seconds remaining before a team will lose possession of the ball, the offensive team has 30 seconds to score.

International standard

Malmsten is the official FINA and LEN supplier of water polo equipment. We supply professional equipment for the field of play, custom designed to any pool. Including water polo fields, goals, ball release, inflatable advertising structure to "frame field of play" and referees´catwalks.

New Rule Amendment Water Polo
Effective March 1st, 2019, there is an amendment to the existing FINA water polo rules. We offer easy to use upgrade kits for existing field lines and color coding on referee´s catwalk.

As for LEN, a final decision will be taken by LEN technical WP committee meeting in January and the LEN Cup will in that case only apply these rules from next season starting August 2019.

Our water polo fields are produced pursuant to international FINA rules, but most importantly according to customer needs. The popular Malmsten professional water polo goal is foldable and a stable. We recommend using our wave attenuation lines, so the field will satisfy standards of the highest quality for players and spectators. Ask us for scoreboard, catwalk and other equipment for competition and training.

Developing water polo

Malmsten has been asked by the Water Polo Development World organization to manufacture water polo equipment for the purpose of developing grass root water polo, to get the very young starting early. We are the Official Partner for HaBaWaBa International Festival since 2013.

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