Swim Course Marker Buoy, Large

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Product Information

Dimensions when inflated:
Height 200 cm Diameter 130 cm
Inflates and Deflates in approx. 5 -10 minutes depending on pump
Material: PVC Tarpaulin

Information: Sold per unit

Please Note: Supplementary products, not included
Pump, Rope, Snap Hooks

Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks

Swim Course Marker Buoy, Large

Article Number: 1310013

Suitable for water events such as Open Water Swimming and Triathlon.

Our buoys increase visibility by making it easier for participants to keep direction and avoid swimming towards dangerous waters or losing their way.

Possibility to affix advertising banner as the buoy is equipped with eyelets for affixing. Banner is not included. Great way to brand your event, oversized with wide advertising spaces that can be used for promotion.

Banner size options (banner not included):

1. Height 70 cm, Length 410 cm
2. Height 50 cm, Length 410 cm
3. Height 120 cm, Length 410 cm

Open water courses vary. Normally 6-9 large buoys and 2 small buoys for the finishing lines are used.

• High visibility
• Easy to use; inflate and deflate
• Advertising possibility

Made in PVC Tarpaulin. To be inflated.

Supplementary products, not included
Pump Art. Nr. 2211022 or 2211019.
Nylon Rope Art. Nr. 1013004.
Snap Hooks Art. Nr. 1013003.


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