Finishing lines for Open Water

Measurement: Ø 100 mm. 50m or any custom length.

Color: One all red and one all yellow. Alternative colors: white, green, blue, black and orange.

Complete with snap hooks each end (no take-up reel and no tension spring). Wire: 4mm stainless steel cable; 7x7 wire treads.

Discs and floats: Polythene, where plastic is certified free from heavy metals. Colorant has a minimum additive of 8000ppm UV-stabilizer and anti-oxidant and a color fastness of 8 for all colors.

Finishing lines for Open Water

Article Number: 1010003

Selected when it counts!

The Official FINA finishing lines for Open Water Marathon race - used at most important competitions worldwide.

Malmsten Racing Lane Lines are manufactured in Sweden since 1975.

The Open Water Marathon finishing lines are made to highlight the 50 final meters at open water competitions. These lines are made with 100mm material and with a snap hook at each end.

Custom lengths and/or custom color combinations are available using red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange and black material.



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