Field Lane Line WP Upgrade Kit

Product Information

Discs: Material: Polythene with UV protection. Each disc has the Malmsten Logo printed.

Size: Ø 100 mm

Color Donuts: Yellow and Red

Color Floats: Yellow and Red Wire

Lock Lane Line: Size: Ø 4mm Material: Stainless Steel Information:

Sold Per Kit

Please Note: Wire 4 mm (1011005) sold seperately

Field Lane Line WP Upgrade Kit

Article Number: 1510005

Field Line WP Upgrade Kit Effective March 1st, 2019, there is an amendment to the existing FINA water polo rules.

In short, the new rule requires the yellow field to increase from 3 m to 4 m each side, with a red line - to mark foul throws - (at 3m of this 4m) at 5m from goal line.

We offer easy to adjust upgrade kit for the field line, Discs (100mm/4") and donuts equivalent of 4m with yellow material of 4 x 0,9m and red material of 4 x 0,1m for upgrading of 2 field lines.

Kit includes:
• 22 Yellow and 4 Red Donut Floats (1011004)
• 92 Yellow and 8 Red Classic Discs 100mm (1011003)
• 2 Wire Lock Lane Line: 4mm (1011011)

Instructions Please Note: 1 meter requires 24 Discs and 6 Donut Floats.

*Accessory: Wire 4mm (1011005) sold seperately


1510005_Field Lane Line WP_Fina.pdf

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