BluPool Lift

Product Information

Painted Stainless Steel Frame/ 180 °C Powder Coating
Saftey front rubber stoppers
Maximum Weight: 140 kg
Maximum Arm Travel: 1400 mm
Seat Depth into the water: 820 mm
Time of lowering into the water with weight: approx. 20 sec.
Time of lifting with weight: approx. 18 sec.
Working Cycles: 50 up and down movement per charge
Weight of the machine: 150 kg
Battery: 12 V
Power: 24 V
Please Note:
Available for Sweden, Denmark and Norway Only
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks

BluPool Lift

Article Number: 1814027

BLUPOOL is a medical device which enables pool access to people with reduced mobility in a safe, comfortable and functional way. Blupool is the result of the evolution of BLUONE which has been on the market for over 10 years. This new pool lift is improved in terms of: design, technology and lifting capacity (up to 140 kg). Also for the development of this model, DIGI PROJECT took care of ensuring all the safety levels, for both the user and the operator, which are present in all the brand devices.


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